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Friday, October 19, 2007

Ode To the Bronx is Burning Part Deux

George: Now Joey, a one year contract with a pay cut for taking us back from oblivion in May is a fair deal, don’t you think so Joey?

Torre: Don’t call me Joey, George – call me Mr. Torre.

George All right Joey, I’ve always been a fair man and a one year contract with incentives just to get to the World Series, not win it mind you, that’s not important to me, is very very fair. Don’t you think so Larry? Joey, this is really Larry’s decision, I’m just following my Lieutenant’s orders.

Torre: Which Larry, George, Larry Macphail or Larry Levine, the dress designer, I think they are both dead. I’m not even sure if Levine was ever alive. Do you mean Randy Levine or are you asking Bernie lying dead there on the couch? Maybe you meant Gabe Paul, he’s dead too you know.

George: No, no, both Hal and Hank are very fair. They told me I’m being very fair. Getting to the World Series is more than enough – it would taste great.

Torre: No George, it’s less fulfilling then coming back from 14 and ½ in May.

George: No Joey, I’m the Boss and it tastes great...

Torre: Less filling George.

George: Dammit Joey, it’s my team and I’ll say and do what I want.

Torre: not on a one year contract, you won’t.

George: you’re fired Joey.

Torre: Shove it George - I already quit!


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