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Friday, June 29, 2007

NBA Draft

The Nets’ pick of Sean Williams could be the second coming of K-Mart or it could be the addition of another troublemaker in the long line of Nets’ criminals or pseudo criminals such as Derrick Coleman, Jayson Williams, Jason Williams, Waliyy Dixon (who’s he you ask? Check the 2004-05 Nets training camp records) dare I say even Micheal Ray Richardson.

This new Williams is no Buck Williams or even Gus Williams but compared to the other troublemakers around the league Sean Williams’ “record” is minor league and there is no need to worry.

On the other, the Knicks in trading for Zach Randolph is much more troubling. Discounting his off the court troubles will not be easy. At best, it shows an immense lack of respect for his teammates and his employers. At worst, we may be seeing league suspensions in his repertoire in the near future. Certainly if his selfishness carries over to the Garden court, we may be seeing more troubles than during the Larry Brown one year regime.

Let’s hope not.

The Knicks’ pick of Wilson Chandler and their trade of next year’s 2nd round pick for Demetris Nichols of Syracuse cannot be judged for at least a year or two.

Here’s hoping that both NY area basketball teams still have some tricks up their sleeve.


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