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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Clock is Ticking

Unfortunately for the Rangers, no matter how well they might play as they did overall versus New Jersey, the Devils were just one better and time is not on the Rangers’ side.

Most of the teams in the Rangers’ conference are gaining on them because all the ‘losers’ are moving up one point in the standings while other teams are either winning in overtime or in a shootout and gaining two points.

The competition out there is almost as much of a problem as the Rangers’ power play.

Whether Sean Avery will be helpful remains to be seen. Overall he played well, but he did get back late on one of the Devils’ goals.

However, the complaints against Tom Renney for putting in Cullen over Jagr are unfounded. Cullen had, I believe, seven shootout goals last year for Carolina and as recently as last month in a game against the Devils scored in the shootout against Brodeaur while Jagr did not. Jagr has been used infrequently this season in shootouts, possibly due to his injured shoulder and, to my knowledge, he has not scored a goal in the post overtime session.

Yet Renney’s move is more of an afterthought. The Rangers may need 94 points to make the playoffs. Time is not on their side.


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